Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Throwback Thursday!

Holy cow folks!  I have 20, yes, 20 days till my very first day as a teacher!!  This is ca-ra-zy!!!   I feel so prepared and unprepared all at the same time but I am confident that with the help of all the amazing teachers at my school I'll do just fine :)  In celebration of my first day coming ever so soon I am linking up with Jessica over at Literacy Spark for . . .
Now for the biggest reason for this post - my Monday Made It!  This linky party is hosted by Tara at 4th Grade Frolics, so after you're done here go check out all of the other Made Its and show them some love :)

Made It #1

I am all for giving my kiddos numbers to keep everyone organized!  I also think it is incredibly helpful when they leave the classroom, to know who is where and keeping all that info on something relatively small.  (did that make ANY sense?)  Anywho. . . I have seen variations of this all over and my master teacher used something like this last year, except hers was only for the bathroom. I wanted my to cover a wider range of locations and this is my final creation!  I am thrilled with how it turned out!!  

I found this magnetic whiteboard on sale at Fred Meyers-$6 what what?!?! 

 I found these colorful magnets at Walmart and just wrote the numbers on them.  The painters tape, washi tape and sharpie I already had on hand.


Made It #2

I couldn't help but smile as a made these cute little Quiet Critters!  I'm still working on their container but the important part is done right?!  I originally found this idea from Teaching Chick (thank you Pinterest for putting all of these fabulous ideas in one convenient place!!) Now, her critters had feet, but I thought mine were adorable as is. . . and I forgot to buy feet while out and about :)  

All I used were the pompoms, wiggly eyes and good 'ol Elmers glue! 

Silly me!  I didn't take any pictures of those critters all by themselves, but here are both my projects all done and ready to be put into my classroom!!

Thanks for joining me for this Throwback Thursday!  Now you can hop on over and checkout some other great throwbacks :)