Monday, June 2, 2014


June? When did that happen? I'm linking up with Farly for CURRENTLY 

listening: have you heard this song?!  I find it utterly adorable and it's been on repeat since I found it 

loving: I just got back from an amazing Illustrated Mathematics conference in Boise and I am so so excited to implement all of the great things I learned in the fall!  My calendar is filling up mighty quick with all sorts of exciting things and I can't wait to get started crossing things off the list!
thinking: I'm a social individual and nothing makes me happier than going on adventures with some of my friends and summer is the best time to do it!
wanting: one of the events on my calendar is a big 'ol bbq at my house this weekend!  Up to 20 some odd people will be here for movies on the grass, water games, food, and a bonfire...anyone want to help me clean my house??
needing: I've got a to do list a mile long for the summer so I better get off my butt and start working!
summer bucket list: I am needing some time with my fam jam and friends this summer, but those stinkers are all over the west!  I'll be spending lots of time in my car...but it'll be worth it!

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