Saturday, December 7, 2013

{Currently} December

Holy guacamole!  I can't believe how the school year had flown by!  December?  How did that happen?!? So I am linking up with Farly for this months Currently!

Listening - We got our wood stove taken out a few days ago and our existing fireplace was in great condition so now we have the absolute JOY of a fire any time we want!!!

Loving - I am the girl counterpart to Buddy the elf.  Seriously, we are kindred spirits!  This is my favorite time of year and I couldn't be more thrilled to be sitting at home watching the snow falling outside my window :)

Thinking - I am allllllll for the occasional snow day.  Especially since we have just gotten a brand new blanket of snow!

Wanting - When I was younger, my brother and I always got a new outfit for Christmas and Easter.  Even though I am a little older, I still love the tradition!

Needing - I find it so hard to focus on grading papers and planning lessons when there are romps to be had in the snow!

Favorite Tradition - I love singing, and I get such joy from singing at church!  And midnight mass is a time where magic just comes alive and there is a little bit of heaven everywhere! 

There you have it folks!  I have finally gotten around to blogging and hopefully it won't be so long in between posts next time :)


ttervoort said...

I had to laugh because when I was checking out your blog, I saw that you had skipped from the September Currently to the December Currently, just like me!, you did have another post in between, so you are one step ahead of me! ;)

We were lucky (?) to have a snow day last Thursday already...although I am still trying to get the Christmas concert organized, and a day off of practicing might not have been the best idea at this point...oh well, I'm sure it will all work out, and the parents will think that their little one is wonderful!

Enjoy the rest of your December, and Merry Christmas!

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