Monday, September 30, 2013

Budding Blog [Linky]

Wow!  It has been a mighty long time since I blogged!  After school started I was just trying to get into a routine. . . and I think I am FINALLY getting there!  My kiddos are so sweet and I and I can't even describe how much I capital L Love teaching!   Anywho. . . I am linking up with I {heart} Recess for Budding Blog linky!

1. Why did you start blogging?
      I started blogging to share my adventures and steal find resources of all these incredible teacher
2. What is your favorite subject to teach and why?
        I loving teaching every subject, I really do!  But I really enjoy teaching science.
3. Describe your teaching style.
         I am a very hands on, get your body moving kind of teacher.  If we can make something that goes
             along with what we are learning, I am all over it!

4. Give three interesting facts about you.
         1)  I played Charlotte from Charlotte's Web my freshman year of college
         2)  I am an avid watcher of all the bride shows on TLC
         3)  I am saving up for my first trip to Disneyland!  

5. Do you have a TpT store? If yes, post the link :)
      I do have a TpT, but there is only one item in it so far!  I am hoping to start adding more items a little bit later this month!    Click here  {TpT Store} to take a look at my one item :) 

Last but certainly not least, I wanted to share some photos from my first few weeks of school in 3rd grade :)

 My kiddos love working at Antarctica (whiteboard table) for math!
Having a wonderful time cutting newspaper for our paper mache globes!  Hopefully we will finish them today!
A few weekends ago I got to take a trip up to my alma mater for homecoming!  It was a splendid weekend and we won our rival game!  GO SAINTS!! 


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