Wednesday, December 25, 2013

13 in '13!

I'm linking up for a fabulous linky 13 in '13!!
 I got some fabulous Christmas jammies and now I never want to get out of them! 
I love Love LOVE both of these movies! I have seen both of these twice and I am planning on a third showing for each :) 

I am an avid TV watcher and thanks to the magic of the internet, I can keep up on all my shows even when I work late!

Whenever my friends and I all get together we end up at Shari's till 2am!  We are quite a crazy bunch of kiddos but I have the most marvelous time with them :) 
I tried singing solos in church this year and it was absolutely terrifying!  But since they didn't ban me from the choir I think it went okay :)

I got this book from my brother with the SWEETEST note inside!  Who knew he was such a softy!!

Do I have to choose just one?!  I am on Pinterest almost   But this one just warms my heart!

Well I don't have a whole lot since I started this puppy in June...but I really like this one

I graduated college and got a teaching job!  You can read about that crazy adventure here :)

I have found this SPLENDID group of individuals to call friends through church this year and we do everything together!  There are even a few teachers thrown into the mix!  
 Oh gosh...just any time I get to spend with my kiddos (students) just having fun!  They are the most fabulous group of 3rd graders!!

To remember to take a step back and just enjoy where I'm at.  Sometimes I forget to take a break and stop planning my life.  


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