Sunday, August 11, 2013

Meet The Teacher '13

Holy guacamole friends!!  Can you believe the first day of school is almost here?!!?  Although for some of you that day has come and gone :)   I am incredibly excited to be linking up for Teacher Week '13!

Here is the low down on this first year teacher. . .

1) I am an rural Idaho girl to my roots!  Nothing beats a BBQ in the backyard with the neighbors and a beautiful (unobstructed) sunset :)

This year has been a year of firsts for me, so we'll just start there.

2) I graduated from the a-ma-zing Carroll College in good 'ol Helena Montana
{Here I am with three of my ed friends!  We all have grown up teaching jobs now, woohoo!}

3)   Right after graduation I started the Camino de Santiago with my dad!  We only made it 100 miles before our injuries got the better of us :(  But maybe someday we will go back and finish the trip?
{My dad and I at our pre-walk stop in Paris!}

Now I am spending the rest of my summer gearing up for the school year that starts on August 26th!! Gaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!    I am excited/nervous/gitty/terrified and so many other adjectives! 

4)  Speaking of school. . . lets talk about that!  I am starting my first year at a new-ish charter school with about 200 students.  Moving home to work was actually my backup plan, but turned out to be the best place for me.  If you wanna read about that whirlwind experience, click HERE!  

Now for some more fun facts about yours truly
5) I am {capital L} Love Dr. Pepper...and its pretty serious 
6) I am a hopeless romantic, the sappy stuff gets me every time!
7) If I weren't teaching, I'd be a photographer, or a journalist, or a baker
8) Making new friends is one of my favorite pastimes
9) I was born to teach!!

10)  I'm thinking this post should have been longer, but as I write this I am getting pretty tired from all of the pages and do-dads for my classroom :)

Have a wonderful Monday friends 

Now would be a great time to check out all of the other fabulous teachers that are joining Teacher Week '13

***updated 8/12/13***


Becca said...

So nice to get to know more about you! I enjoyed it--looks like you have had some cool adventures! I nominated you for a
Liebster Award...please stop by my blog and check out what to do to participate in that. Can't wait to learn more about you through this year---good luck with beginning your "official" teaching journey!

Kindergarten A to Z

Rachel said...

Oh my word!! You are the sweetest person on the planet! Thank you so much for the nomination :):):)


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