Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My First Look

Duh duh duh dum duh dum!!!   I got the keys to my classroom the beginning of June and I can't wait to get started decorating and becoming an organizing fiend!

Here is what you see walking in the door!

My classroom was the old music room. . . hence the church pews.  But look at my BEAUTIFUL wall of windows!  And my room is facing the east so I get the lovey morning sun but none of the afternoon heat.  What a blessing since we don't have AC!
This will be the front of my classroom.  And I am very lucky to be getting whiteboards to replace the chalkboard :)  Because really, as cute as a chalkboard is . . . they make an awfully big mess!
Here is my teacher corner and another whiteboard, how lucky am I?!

So there you have it, my wonderful, dust filled classroom that I can't wait to get my hands on!!


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